Massachusetts Facts

As far as area is concerned, Massachusetts comes only as the 44th state in the nation, yet all through the centuries, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has always played a prominent role as a national leader. In Massachusetts, the nation’s first printing press, the first regularly published newspapers, the first U.S. college, and the first secondary … Read more

Delaware Facts

Author and poet John Lofland wrote: ….Delaware is just like a fine diamond. Diminutive, but within it has inherent value…. Delaware, the 2nd smallest state in land, has an incredibly distinguished history that goes back over 300 years. The state is very proud to be recognized and named as ‘The First State’, as it was the … Read more

California Facts

California is the most populous of all U.S. states, and it is a state of contrasts. California has great sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, high mountains, barren deserts, and redwood forests. The state offers vast and highly reputed vineyards in its northern regions, it has all the glitter in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, and its impressive … Read more