50 Iconic Tourist Attractions in All 50 American States

Alabama – Selma Bridge
Selma Bridge is the site where in 1965 the infamous conflict of Bloody Sunday occurred. Demonstrators for civil rights were attacked by an armed policeman when they wanted to march to Alabama’s state capital Montgomery. Selma Bridge became a designated National Historic Landmark in 2013.

Alaska – Alaska Range and Denali National Park & Preserve
The Alaska Range boasts America’s highest mountain peaks, and the area is a very popular destination for sightseers and climbers. The area recently came in the news because President Obama decided that the name Mount McKinley National Park (opened in 1917) would officially be changed into Denali National Park & Reserve.

Arizona – The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is regarded as one of the wonders of the world. Most of the area is a National Park consisting of vast natural formations of layered red rock. The Grand Canyon is over 275 miles long and averages a mile deep, and some 10 miles across, and is Arizona’s most prized and famous landmark.

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State Nicknames

Every US state has a nickname (or two, or more), the table below shows all nicknames. You will find more facts about every state below the main table.

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Minimum Wage in Arizona

As of January 1, 2015, the ICA (Industrial Commission of Arizona) has determined that Arizona’s hourly minimum wage was set at $8.05, a 1.89 percent increase (or $0.15) over the 2014 level ($7.90).

Every year, the minimum wage can be increased in line with the inflation rate and is based on the cost of living as indicated by the Consumer Price Index, or CPI.

As there has been hardly any inflation during 2015, the ICA has decided that the 2016 minimum wage level didn’t need to be increased to compensate for the increased cost of living. In Arizona, there are 24.000 minimum wage workers. The ICA is the state’s body for administrating and enforcing Arizona’s minimum wage.

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Kavik River Camp Alaska – Unforgettable Outdoor Activities

Kavik River Camp is located just north of Fairbanks and it is a unique camp that in the old days was an exploration camp that now serves guests in the ecotourism business.

The camp includes wide open spaces and offers an extensive high arctic flora and fauna. This is a great place for watching foxes, wolves, arctic squirrels, raptors, moose, and ermine. Incidentally, all caribou herds are migrating through the valley as well.

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Richest People in Colorado

Colorado has some of the richest people in the country! Take a look at the map and see their names. Charles Ergen: satellite TV $16.4 B Philip Anschutz: investments $10.9 B John Malone: cable television $7.2 B Pat Stryker: medical equipment $2.3 B  

Great Songs About the Amazing State of Alabama

Here are some well-known songs about Alabama: ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ – Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Alabama’ – the Louvin Brothers ‘Stars Fell On Alabama’ – Jimmy Buffet ‘My home Is In Alabama’ – Alabama ‘Bama Breeze’ – Jimmy Buffet ‘Alabama Song’ – Allison Moorer ‘Alabam’ – Cowboy Copas ‘Alabama Waltz’ – Hank Williams ‘Alabama Wild Man’ – Jerry … Read more

Nevada Facts

Every year, the state of Nevada receives enough tourists that it easily can outnumber the population of a couple of states. Some only come here for gambling (Nevada is home to the world’s most popular entertainment and gambling center, Las Vegas) but many also come to enjoy the state’s vast and beautiful plains, deserts, or … Read more

New Mexico Facts

Novelist D H. Lawrence wrote: …I believe that visiting New Mexico was by far the most impressive experience in the outside world I ever had. This definitely has changed me forever… …The very moment I was seeing the brilliant, proud morning shining high over the deserts of  Santa Fe, there was something that made my soul … Read more

Hawaii Facts

It is not known when exactly Polynesian people set foot on the beautiful Hawaii islands for the first time, and probably we’ll never know, but what we do know is that it must have occurred after the start of the Christian era. Linguistic and cultural records and research are also clearly indicating that the first … Read more

North Carolina Facts

Local writer Sam Irvin, Jr., wrote: …In my unbiased, honest judgment, the Good Lord will be placing the Garden of Eden within North Carolina’s borders when He will restore it to Earth. He will definitely do so as in North Carolina He will need to make so few changes to achieve perfection… North Carolina is … Read more