Why Succeeding is Believing

Always believe in the abilities you were blessed with whenever you came out of your mother’s womb. To live a life without first believing in yourself is living a life set for failure.

Countless times people second guess themselves. Maybe the competition looked fierce, the journey too long, or maybe you failed last time.

When looking in the face of opposition it’s always easiest to quickly look the other way. You are not alone, there are so many people who doubt themselves and give up all chances.

That’s usually when you start doubting whether you have what it takes. The second you second guess is the very second in which you start setting yourself up for failure.

Without first believing you can succeed will make it a million times harder to get money in actuality. More room for opposition to get in the way. More room for competition to push fear into your heart.

High chances you will waste time when you feel like you’re all alone in your visions. Believe you’re a natural superman in the flesh and anything is within reach.

It’s your Bazooka

In this world, there’s a lot of hate, disrespect, and jealousy. People see you doing your thing and try to knock you down out of pure jealousy. It’s crazy, but there will be many attacks at your motivation when you get money.

Believe in the abilities you have and let no one tell you otherwise. Blast any negativity by believing you have what it takes to get the job done.

Believing in your talents will be your best weapon when your inspiration to prevail is under attack.

Everything starts with a belief that you can make your dreams reality. You need your bazooka everywhere that you go and if you have a website, just make sure it’s working for you all the way.

No matter the number, size, and punch don’t second guess yourself. Without believing in your abilities there will be more problems than a little when everyday hustling. Things will go south, and then you’ll pack the bags and call it quits.

Winning mentality is half the battle

The journey to get where you’re going will be a long one. The battle of hustling every day will be unlike any other. Days can go by without you making a move if you’re not careful. Belief will only take you so far.

Hard work also has to be added to the recipe for success. You can sit back and talk about what you’re going to do, but until you’re making moves no one’s going to listen. Turning your dreams into reality has its physical impact.

The long nights and early mornings hard at work are what make dreams come true. That and a sprinkle of believing you’re the best!

Don’t start crippling yourself

Every day you progress without believing in the moves your making are lucky days. Doubt will weaken your ability to fight critics. The more successful you become and the more critics will attack you. They will come at you from every angle.

Along the journey, you will be tested many times, and that is where you have to believe in your abilities to get money.

No matter what another person says or thinks about what you’re doing continue to persist, and persist by any means. Never settle for less than what you put into your work.

Believe in your skills

Believe in your skills and that your product is worth the change. Without first believing there will always be room for doubt. You will be crippled and easily beaten by the vicious critics.

Start your day off with dressing for success and put your best foot forward instead of behind. Even if you would have to spend a long period of time without any internet connection, be at your best instead of promoting half-ass work.

You may think it’s good, but without belief deep down inside you have doubt. Deep down inside you fear it’s not of high enough value. That doubt is what’s crippling you, and making it impossible for you to succeed.

If, for example, you want to start working toward an online degree, don’t let people around you cripple you. Believe in your competencies and go that extra mile!

Never ever compare yourself

You are your own person and unlike any other person. No matter how bad you desire or try you can never do another person better than they could do themselves. You can try all you want but, believe me when I say in the end you’ll only be wasting your time.

The next person might have all the success in the world, but you never know what they went through to get that success. The struggles, hardships, and long days always go unseen. All you can see is the success they have accomplished.

Don’t try to walk in their footsteps, but start taking your own steps. Use all available new technologies to get ahead fast. Everyone’s blessed in their own way, and it’s up to you to let yours shine bright. Instead of focusing on another person’s grind start using that focus towards your own.

Learn how to work your magic and stand out in your own way. Believe in yourself and in your work. It will show brighter than using another person’s strategies to get money.

There’s nothing wrong with trying something new, but figure out what’s really working for you, and what’s only wasting valuable time.

You have what it takes

Wake up in your everyday hustling mindset. Don’t waste a second doubting if today will be your day. Be determined to make positive out of the 24 hours you have. If any negativity attempts to invade your space use your best weapon.

Never let that negativity get you down, but instead hustle, hustle, and hustle. When times get hard, remember you’re the only one who can better your positioning. Not your momma, papa, or even grandma can do what you have to do for yourself.

Never back down from any challenge. Every morning that the sun shines will bring another obstacle. Life doesn’t come without its challenges, and you should test your limits. You’ll never know what you’re made of if you don’t push yourself to succeed by all means.

You’re looking at your biggest enemy in the mirror

Yes, that’s right I said you’re the biggest enemy you have.  At the same time, you’re the only person who will make things happen.

The fastest way to self-destruction is by doubting the person in the mirror which is often caused by the oh-so-important Christian upbringing. It will kill your focus and have you wondering if you even doing worthy because no one seems to notice.

Everyone you want to notice your hard work can’t make you successful. Even when no one can see the real and you’re all alone in your visions, stay focused.

When you look in the mirror know you’re looking right at your biggest enemy. Don’t beat yourself before you give a good run. Believe you can win the race before it begins, and let your skills do the rest.


Any successful person first started out believing in themselves. As days go by, businesses become more saturated and it gets that much tougher to succeed. You always want to be on your best foot.

I feel sad for anyone that thinks less of themselves. In my business niche, there are many big names, tons of middleweights, and countless beginners.

Learning your competition is a good thing. Know you have what it takes to fight with the big boys. Watch their moves, and how they operate. Apply everything you learn to better yourself in any way possible.

At the end of the day, there isn’t anything out of reach. Believe you will have everything you ever wanted, and chances are you will make it happen one way or another.