The GRE Test

The GRE® is used by Graduate Schools and Business Schools to assess a student’s skills and level of academic knowledge, and also measure his or her critical thinking competencies. The GRE test will provide students with more opportunities for academic achievement and success.

The GRE exam (Graduate Record Examination) is used much in the same way as the GMAT exam.

If you are considering continuing your education at graduate school or business school, or maybe haven’t yet decided what you want to do, you just need to take the GRE® General Test which is accepted by numerous business and graduate schools across the world.

The GRE is a graduate-level admissions test that allows you to skip questions, go back and forth, change your answers, and tackle those questions first that you know the answer to.

The GRE General Test also provides the ScoreSelect® option. This allows you to take a GRE test over and over again, and you will be able to send only your best scores to your desired school(s), and don’t forget that your scores will be valid for five years! Yes, you have five years to see how you will use your scores.

Now if you are aware of this possibility, you definitely will feel more at ease and confident on testing day. To get all set for the GRE, you can use ETS’ official test prep tools such as the mobile app and a prep program named ScoreItNow!™.

The GRE General Test will help you get the best results on test day. If you choose for the GRE General Test, you will decide which ones of your scores you will send to your favorite school(s). So in case, you’re feeling you didn’t do well at your test, no problem, you can take the test again as many times as you want, and send schools just the scores that you want them to see. This is in the ScoreSelect® option, only offered with GRE testing.

The GRE General Test comes with question types that are reflecting the kind of reasoning that will be expected of you in business or graduate school:

Verbal Reasoning. Questions on verbal reasoning assess your skills in analyzing and evaluating written material, your competencies in synthesizing information obtained from that material, analyzing relationships between component parts of sentences, and recognizing relationships between words and concepts.

Analytical Writing. Here, your critical thinking proficiency is measured, as well as your analytical writing skills, particularly your articulation skills and how you can support complex ideas effectively and clearly.

Quantitative Reasoning. The Quantitative Reasoning section is measuring your problem-solving competencies while using basic concepts of algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and data analysis.

Who Take The GRE?

The GRE General Test is developed for business and graduate school applicants from across the globe who wish to pursue an MBA, a Master’s in business specialization, or a doctoral degree. Applicants are coming from a wide variety of cultural and academic backgrounds, and the GRE Test will provide schools with a standardized test result to compare the qualifications of applicants. GRE scores can be used by admissions committees together with students’ undergraduate records, recommendation letters, work experience, or other qualifications.

The GRE can be taken at over 1,000 test sites in over 150 countries, and the computer-based test can be taken on an ongoing basis in the larger part of the world. In Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Mainland China, the computer-based GRE test can be taken up to three times a month, and in portions of our planet where computer-based testing is not possible or available, a paper-delivered GRE test is offered at usually three times a year, in February, October, and November. The GRE is accepted by numerous business and graduate schools.

ETS offers many prep options to get you all set for the GRE test. You can check out the ‘Official Guide to the GRE®’ but there are also plenty of other helpful resources available. The ETS GRE official prep book (POWERPREP II) includes four complete GRE practice tests (2 in the book and 2 on CD), numerous authentic test questions including answer explanations, advice on the best test-taking strategies, sample essays, and a lot more. POWERPREP II (version 2.2) is available both in print and in an eBook version and is PC- and Mac-compatible.

Official GRE® Guide App
The Official GRE® Guide app is actually the only GRE app directly available from the GRE test developer. It features authentic GRE questions, all with answers and elaborate explanations. The Official GRE App allows you to have the experts near you, where you want, when you want.

5-Year GRE Score Validity
For those individuals who took the GRE test on July 1, 2016, the test scores have a validity of five years, measured from the date your test was administered. Scores for a GRE test taken on July 6, 2016, for example, are valid through July 5, 2021.

For persons who took the GRE test in the period August 1, 2011 – June 30, 2016, their GRE test scores are having a validity of five measured from the testing year they took the test. Be aware that a year means an academic year, so if you took the test, for example, on May 12, 2014, your test scores can be used through June 30, 2019. GRE test scores achieved in August 2011 can be used until June 30, 2017.