Study for MBA? What to Expect

MBA programs are expensive so it’s natural to question the value of this investment. Top MBA programs are very expensive, but on the other hand, you will find plenty of affordable programs, especially if you’re interested in studying online. Anyway, take a look at this video with a sample MBA class from a few years way back to get an idea:

Rejected Applicants Percentage

Every accredited MBA program is selective. Acceptance is mostly based on personality, GMAT score, GPA, and experience. This selectivity in acceptance tells us something about the school’s standards, but also about the students who apply.

There are schools that attract a huge number of applicants and maybe many of them are not well qualified. Then there are schools that maybe do not get that many, but better-qualified applicants.

There are many factors that determine if a school is getting many applicants. Among other factors that are decisive is the reputation of the school, its location, tuition, the assumed or perceived the quality of the school, and its visibility.

Generally speaking, the number of students that are rejected by a school could be an indication of the quality and reputation of the MBA program at that school. A lot of business schools use the GRE test to assess the academic knowledge level and skills of applicants. Another frequently used test is the GMAT though not all business schools require the GMAT.

Experience is often considered more important. A good prep book is the Manhattan GMAT Prep Guide. The high ranking schools are those that have the highest rejection rate. You might be more lucky with an affordable MBA online program, click here for a big list of great information.

Starting Salary

Gaining career opportunities and income in the future are the primary reasons for obtaining an MBA degree. After graduation, those students that come from the best MBA programs will get the highest salaries. Starting salaries, of course, are depending on a lot of different factors. MBA graduates can get a $120,000 salary in case that person will be a doctor or an attorney.

The MBA graduate who made over $100,000 before starting the program could also be in that group. And graduates with just a little work experience, of course, get lower salaries than graduates with a wealth of experience.

Salaries for graduates are also determined by geographical or field concentrations. If you believe in yourself, an MBA degree will definitely be within reach!

Students concentrating in marketing or general management cannot expect starting salaries like those who chose finance or accounting. Furthermore, you will find a considerable variation in starting salaries due to students’ grades, specific regions, and the state of the economy.

Once you’ve earned your MBA degree, your income will get a real boost! MBAs are sought after all across the nation and in states like Illinois, the income potential for MBAs is skyrocketing. See also this post: The Richest People in Illinois.

Recruiting Companies

Many companies that want to hire MBA graduates do their interviews on campus. This makes it easier for graduates wanting to find job opportunities that the degree makes available. For smaller schools, it is more difficult to attract recruiting companies to their campus than those that graduate large numbers of students.

But the number of interviews is not always determined by the number of recruiters. And not always the best companies are determined by a large number of job interviews. Statistics about placements should be studied carefully. What the individual student finds and wants may not always be represented by statistic data.

Huge numbers of student interviews make that a school receives higher rankings. If you would like to study for an MBA but you are not sure if it is for you, check this website with MBA tips and educate yourself about benefits and advantages.