Free GED Online Classes-Who Offers The Best?

The GED® (General Education Development) program was initially established by the US War Department in the 1940s to assist military personnel in getting additional education and work options.

These days, the GED high school equivalency test is used by tens of thousands of adults and gives them one more chance to become better educated and qualify for better jobs. The GED diploma is available for people who use ASL (American Sign language) as well.

In the US, there are roughly 40 million people who, for some reason, never finished high school, and the GED program is primarily designed for them.

There are paid and free online classes that help students prepare for the GED test.

In this article, I focus on both free and paid online GED classes. Let’s start with free classes. Why? Because of the fact that the majority of people who want to pass the GED test start with free online classes.

There are two or three websites that offer truly free GED online classes. The majority of results just offer information about the GED exam and possible classes. Our favorite free prep website is

The online GED prep classes from BestGEDClasses are easy-to-use, and prospective students don’t even need to complete any forms or submit an email address. They are immediately provided with online preparation materials. The teaching method, lessons, and quizzes come from Onsego, a paid GED prep course. You can read my Onsego review here.

BestGEDClasses (formerly Gedeno) offers 112 lessons in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language. Students don’t need to create an account; they can just click on the subject and then follow the lesson plan. Every lesson has a mini-test that allows students to recognize their weak points.

The main feature of every lesson is a video, followed by a quiz and a transcript. The videos are short but full of all the necessary information. The quizzes are usually related to the video lessons, and the transcript is useful for students who like to read when watching the video.

Similar to the Onsego GED prep course, the lessons on BestGEDClasses grow in difficulty. You start with easy ones and go up to pretty serious stuff. Your self-esteem will get a boost, and you will start believing in yourself again. Well, succeeding is believing. This will help you get ahead fast.

These online classes are very helpful in preparing students for the three High School Equivalency test options available in America (GED or HiSET), and when you’ve secured your diploma, the road is open to a rewarding career, for example, in the fast-growing healthcare sector. Just go for it!

All HSE tests were, until recently, exclusively given at designated HSE testing centers around the country, but the GED and HiSET have also become available in an online format. Most states use the GED, but there are also states that offer the HiSET exam or multiple options.

The website also has a lot of practice tests that are separate from the lessons. These practice tests are associated with the 4 GED subjects, and students can choose from short (10-question quizzes) to long tests (up to 50-question quizzes). There are also tests with a built-in timer, so students can check how they perform under time pressure.

Universities and colleges are recognizing the GED diploma just like a common high school credential, and schools increasingly accept ASL (American Sign Language) as a foreign language as well.

Once you’ve secured your GED, a college education is waiting for you, but please be aware not to run too much into study debt!e

Recently it was announced that the GED exam can be taken online. This is a big change as, for years, this option was not available to anyone.

If you are preparing for the GED test, I encourage you to check this website.