50 States Patriotic Quiz

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1. Of which patriotic tune are the following lyrics part of?

….And I’m proud to be an AmericanWhere at least I know I’m freeAnd I won’t forget the men who diedWho gave that right to me….

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2. The movie ‘My Dog Skip’ has as main character eight-year-old Willie Morris. Willie finds in Dink Jenkins, his neighbor and an earlier high school sports stud, an unlikely friend. In the movie, Dink is leaving Yazoo, Mississippi, to take part in which war?

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3. Which of the following is the U.S. National Anthem?

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4. The line ‘My mamma said life is like a box of chocolates…. You never know whatcha gonna get’ is among the best lines ever made in a movie. From which movie is it?

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5. This song was recorded and composed by legendary Woody Guthrie, and it describes America’s valleys, highways, wheat fields, and deserts. What is the title of the song?

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6. Nicolas Cage was starring in a  2004 movie that highlighted many American historic locations, from D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial to the North Church in Boston. What is the name of the adventure movie?

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7. At the times of the Revolutionary War, this was a popular song among American troops. This is a part of the song’s refrain: ‘Stuck a feather in his cap, and called it macaroni’.  What is the song?

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8. There is a famous movie about a World War II baseball team in which the team’s manager says: ‘There’s no crying in baseball!’ What’s the name of that movie?

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9. Of how many words does the Pledge of Allegiance consist?

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10. We all have heard of a substitute teacher, but a substitute president…? In 1993, a movie came out in which Kevin Kline plays the role of a somebody who looks just like the U.S. president, and even might take over the function. What movie is that?

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11. Katharine Lee Bates wrote a song that’s frequently confused with ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’, America’s national anthem. Which song is that?

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12. In 1995, the movie ‘Apollo 13’ was released. It is about an event that occurred after President Kennedy called the nation to action in 1961 which spurred phenomenal advancements in the U.S. space program and consequently started the U.S. - Soviet Union Space Race. What space event is the movie about?

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13. There is a song that celebrates America’s national pastime. Which song is that?

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14. There is an anti-terrorist movie, released in 1997, that takes place in the skies. Fictitious U.S. President Marshall is becoming a here after he was first taken hostage. Which movie is this?

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15. There is a 24-note haunting military tune that was originally used at a day’s end, but currently can be heard frequently at funerals or memorials. What is the name of this elegant tune?

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