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ged-classes-2All across the United States you can find locations where GED preparation classes are available. This website lists all GED preparation classes in and near major US cities. These prep classes will help you become totally prepared to take the GED exam successfully. The GED (General Education Development) program offers adults who never finished high school another chance to obtain a certificate or diploma that is nationwide recognized as being the equivalency to a regular high school diploma by virtually all government agencies, employers and colleges and universities. There are states now that offer different ways for HSE (High School Equivalency) testing.

The GED is no longer the sole option available. Some states now offer the TASC by CTB/McGraw Hill or the HiSET by ETS motivate3(Educational Testing Services). The TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) and the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) are cheaper than the new 2014 GED test, and provide the test in paper and pencil format as well, whereas the new GED is only available fully computer-based. GED classes and online GED classes are created to assist you in becoming properly prepared so you can take the GED examination confidently. The GED certificate is your ticket to college education and will definitively improve your employment options. If you want to qualify for credit classes and be able to receive financial aid at institutions of higher education, you need to have a GED or high school diploma.

GED classes are developed to train individuals to become prepared to complete the GED (General Education Development) test successfully. These preparation classes can be obtained online for a small fee or sometimes at no charge at all, but all across America GED preparation classes are offered at community high schools, public libraries and community centers mostly for free.

GED classes will help you pass the GED tests by providing study courses and proper guidance. Students who prepare for the GED examination can take GED practice tests online or from test booklets that can be found at most locations where preparation classes are offered. Pre-testing is useful as it will indicate the subject areas that need extra attention.

What exactly is the GED

The GED (General Educational Development) Test is developed for individuals who, for whatever reason, never finished high online-ged-classes-couponsschool and who would like to study for and acquire a certificate that is equivalent to a conventional high school diploma. The GED test examines basic knowledge that high school students must command upon graduation, and includes four subject areas: Language Arts (Writing and Reading), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Some test takers are in a position to pass the five tests without any special special preparation, but many applicants will need to follow preparation classes to become ready to take the GED examination successfully. All over the country you can find a great number of GED classes (GED preparation programs) that offer decent preparation and practice tests to determine the level of an applicant’s educational background and level. This way it will become clear on what areas a student needs to concentrate on most in order to pass the real test. GED preparation classes are available at many community college campuses, local libraries and many community centers totally free of charge to potential test takers.
The GED examination is offered in English and Spanish with special formats available for the visually handicapped, and at some testing sites in French as well. Special arrangements for learning or physically disabled applicants are possible, please contact the Chief Examiner for arrangements and official approval.

Obtaining the GED diploma has many benefits, and successful completion of the GED program and passing the GED exam gives adults better employment options and the opportunity to continue their education. More than 90 percent of all institutions of higher education recognize and accept the GED certificate as being comparable to a common high school diploma.

The GED diploma demonstrates that you have the same understanding and knowledge as high school students upon graduation. Virtually all employers, state and federal government agencies and recruiters accept the GED diploma as being equal to a traditional high school diploma.

In January 2014, the new version of the GED has replaced the 2002 format, and the new GED test can only be taken on a computer. Most GED preparation classes will have modified their instruction in accordance with the new GED test, to make you feel more comfortable to take the tests on a computer. The GED exam is not available online, you still will have to show up in person at an official GED testing site. GED classes will help you become properly prepared to complete the GED ® (General Education Development) test successfully. Of course you can take online GED classes and study at home, or you can engage in one of the many GED preparation classes offered all around the country. This website lists all GED testing sites in all states, as well as GED preparation classes in and around major cities in the U.S. Check out your city or state here and get your GED!

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